Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sarah Is Pro-Life

Okay, I know some people say you can't let a single issue be the litmus test for your vote. But, life matters. To me, it really matters.

If we as a people are not willing to protect the most innocent and vulnerable, what does that say about us? That life only matters when it's convenient? That it only matters when it fits in our career plan? That it only matters when we have enough money, or the right house or the right person in our life? That it only matters when we think the child we're carrying is perfect?

The opposing side says a woman should have choice as it relates to her body. Well, she does have a choice -- she has a choice to protect herself from becoming pregnant by whatever means she prefers. It's the old freedom with responsibility thing.

I've been the beneficiary of two women who decided to give life in the midst of really difficult circumstances and I'm eternally grateful. After losing six babies in miscarriage, I was honored to adopt a daughter in China and a son in Nepal. The birth mothers of my children chose to protect them, give them life. Their decisions must have been difficult. But they chose life. In doing that, they gave the world two amazing people. And, the world is so much richer for that.

I often wonder who's missing in the world. Who should have been here? What contribution is the world missing because they're not here?

To me life matters. It matters to Sarah, too.

Sarah Palin is pro-life. Really. Always. She's pro-life when her doctor reveals her son has an extra chromosome. She's pro-life when she's about to be a grandmother at 44. She walks the talk. That says a lot about her character, her priorities, her faith.

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