Friday, October 10, 2008

A New Kind of Leader

Sarah Palin: A New Kind of Leader by Joe Hilley should be in your local bookstore today. The book arrived a little early at our local shop and is already sold out. More are on the way, I'm told.

The book describes 10 characteristics that are necessary in a 21st century leader . . . characteristics that Sarah has, of course. With a forward by Chuck Colson, it offers insight into what makes Sarah so appealing and so qualified for Vice President.

It's available online and at bookstores everywhere. Links are below.

Barnes & Noble

I've got my copy. Run get yours!


Barracuda Babes said...

A friend on another blog just sent us a link to your blog. We thought you might like to join the Read My Lipstick Network. We're bloggers for Sarah Palin and John McCain. If you're interested, take a look at our main Network page, and there's a list of our member blogs, info on how to join. We're also members of three other networks, but we'll tell you about that if you decide to join. Great way to find other bloggers of like-mind and a great way to promote your blog and increase readership. We all need to get together and work hard to get Sarah in the White House!!!

Mrs. Carrington said...

Thanks for the tip on the new book and thanks for dropping by my blog. Love your blog title! I think you have inspired me to start a Sarah blog! Don't forget to join Team Sarah at if you have not already done so. Do not give up ladies- the battle is not yet lost!

awilliams said...

I bought this book thinking it would be littered with obvious praise for Sarah Palin but instead I found a book that was very well-written, very interesting and honest-I could not put it down! The book explained how she became who she is, who we see today and how she got there. It explained a lot about her experience as a city council member, mayor and campaigning style. It also explained how she got the "tough but feminine" characteristics she exhibits. This book provided an honest look into Sarah Palin by pointing out faults & defeats as well as strengths and successes. In the end, I felt the book left me with the ability to make my own assessment of Sarah Palin and not just reading the author's assessment. Good Book!