Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh, Please!

Just read a commentary in the main stream media that says the candidates' medical records should be an open book. Sorry, but I disagree.

First, it was yet another thinly-veiled swipe at Senator McCain's age (". . . if he wins, he will be the oldest man sworn in for his first term as president."). I know lots of 72-year-olds who are healthy, vibrant, and capable. Time to stop age discrimination. And time to stop inserting it into discussions just for the sake of drawing attention to it yet again.

Second, I really didn't need to know that Joe Biden takes medication to help with urine flow or with his sinuses or with his cholesterol. Can't some things remain personal and private? Where is dignity when you need it?

Third, if you go down this path, then would you really be satisfied knowing a candidate's current health status? Do we need to go back a generation or two and find out the causes of death of their parents and grandparents? How about gauging their work-out routine? Who's going to be on the nutritional analysis squad, checking the fat grams in every bite they take? Or, who's going to keep the tally on the smokes the 47-year-old presidential candidate bums from the press core or how many pieces of Nicorette he chews?

Should we have general information about a candidate's health? Yes. But do we need to have their entire medical record on display for all to see? No.

One indicator of the candidates' general physical fitness is the stamina they've shown on the campaign trail. Under that analysis, they all are generally fit.

Knowing a candidate's current health status is no guarantee of future health. None of us is guaranteed tomorrow. So, let's take it as a given that the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates are generally in good health, stop with the lists of medications, and move on to more substantive issues.


Anonymous said...

If health records are supposed to be open, how about college records and disertations? How about birth certificates being made public? How about relationships with people like Ayers, Wright and Rezko?

Lipstick Republican said...

I usually don't allow anonymous comments because I think we need to take responsiblity for our words. However, I've allowed this one because it offers an opportunity to respond to an important question.

The call for completely open health records is a red herring by the MSM. They should be calling for other records to be open as anonymous stated because they address the questions of soundness of judgment and who has mentored the other candidate. The MSM also should be willing to take a comprehensive look at voting records.

McCain's voting record is clear for all to see. He voted with the Republicans about 80% of the time. He was, however, willing to vote against party lines when he felt the issues merited that. He has consistently called for economic reform and consistently voted for life.

Obama, when not voting "present," voted with Democrats 97% of the time. The party line. To the extreme. And, on issues of life, to the most extreme. Third trimester abortions. No parental permission or notifcation of teenage pregnancy or abortions (even though those same parents would have to give permission for their son or daughter to be given Tylenol by the school nurse).

So, I return to my original thought for this post. Let's call it even on the medical records and move on to something worthy of our attention.

Khaki Elephant said...

Amen to anon! Obama has kept his Illionois Senate documents, law client list, school transcripts, disertation, etc, etc, etc, all secret. In fact, Newsmax just called him the most secretive Democrat in history (wow, including Clinton) and the media wants to talk about medical records!

awilliams said...

I agree! What is the deal with the media bashing Sarah Palin's wardrob spend as 6:00 news (which is a false statement) instead of national news about 6 states filing lawsuits against the DNC and Obama for not producing birth certificate or any transcript of any kind to show he is a 'natural born citizen" Oh, please media!